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    Vote for Sandbox of the Year

    Here you go guys:

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    I'm not sure how EvE is a sandbox in any way, shape or form. Being able to create space ships and engage in a simplistic simulated economy isn't a sandbox. The players do not shape the world of EvE, they just shape the economy.

    I also like the heavily biased and mostly wrong quote from that website as well:

    Xsyon is limited in a few ways. You can’t redirect lakes or rivers. You can’t make moats. You can’t dig into the ground to make caves. Killing another player is extremely difficult to the point were it’s almost impossible to kill a player who does not want to be killed. You can’t build flying machines, but there is some debate as to rather or not you can make gunpowder based weapons or combustion engines in the future.
    Show these jerks Xsyon is the real sandbox in these parts.

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    eve in everyway is a sandbox, They do shape the world. ALL of 0.0 is playerbuilt cept the gates, also wormhole space is all player made inside. All items ingame are made by the players, it is full loot ffa pvp. No where is safe. Just cuz theirs concord on high sec doesnt mean u cant die. So yea eve is a sandbox, has all the elements that defines a sandbox. been playing eve since dec. 2007. Beleave i know what im talkin bout here :-P

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    Much more importantly, the world is shaped by the players, not just by the ability to build player owned structures and stations, but politically and economically eve online is a vibrant dynamic player run world. The economy couldnt be less simplistic, it is simulated of course (all games are simulated, how is this a bad thing?), but it is a huge and complex economy and can be compared to that of a small irl country. Anyone been to wormhole space? Its like an entire dynamic region of the gameworld! You wont see anything like that, anywhere.

    Aside from building your own strutures, which is very limited, Eve online has the most awesome metagame of any game anywhere and this is very important for a true sandbox. It is not just a sandbox game, it is THE sandbox game.

    That quote though made me laugh, how ridiculous is that. Still, what xsyon really lacks is sandbox metagame, which is raison d'etre for a sandbox game. What Xsyon does really well is building your own stuff and terraforming the land, you dont get that in a lot of games.

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    I don't agree with EvE and sandbox. It has sanbox elements, but it is nowhere near a complete sandbox game. I can't create planets or enter them and I defo can't mold space to what I like it to be.
    The only elements of sandbox are their economy, their crafting as per what I've heard from Guild members..

    You can argue a lot whether Xsyon is a true sandbox or not, some features might have to be made more accessible for it to happen, but I find Xsyon much more of a sandbox than I would ever consider EvE to be.

    But I suppose that is a matter of opinion..

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    EVE is without a doubt a sandbox game as is Xsyon.

    EVE has a ton of things that make it sandbox, including not limited into classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeryWiiTee View Post
    But I suppose that is a matter of opinion..
    Everyone defines "sandbox" in their own way, its one of those vague terms that you can slap on just about anything without any regard to any actual meaning, the people who made Earthrise is a good example. I think we agree though, that player created content is a cornerstone for any sandbox, but Eve has tons of that! Not exactly building archietecture and terraforming like Xsyon, but economy, politics, conflict, even an enthralling history... metagame is as much player created content as building a unique city or fortress.

    Some even define "best" as a matter of how many subscribers a game has, but lets not talk about those people, most of them havent played anything besides wow anyway.

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