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Thread: Server issues?

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    Server issues?

    There seems to be issue with the server atm.

    I have tried many time to login, no error, just doesn't login and goes back to the password screen.

    On top of this the account system seems a bit messed up, I have 2 accounts, one that was working and being charged each month ( my alt account ) now says no sub and not active.

    Please be so kind as to look into this and see what's up.

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    You should email that anytime you have issues with accounts like that.

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    Thank you captain obvious.

    As long as I have been around and with as many issues we all have each day, you really think I don't know how to contact support?

    I think sometime you post just to see your words in print.

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    Please do contact our support and bug emails with your crash and client logs so that we can pinpoint the cause. We will contact you regarding your inactive alt account.


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    done and done.

    This is just a game. It's supposed to be fun and entertaining. Lately it is only frustrating.

    To pull off many of the projects we have in our tribe, we need manpower. I work very hard to recruit like minded players, but it has become almost a joke to try since they will play a few days .. maybe a wek or two then quietly disappear never to be seen again.

    This really has to change. Even if you don't actually need us to keep the game running, we have been loyal, testing the game for you and helping with feed back.

    I think if we cannot convince our members to stay its not our fault but the games.

    Shoot most of the folks I recruit love to craft and build and seem more mature and willing to put up with the slowness of progress. But even they are not willing to stick it out.

    I have NO clue what you can actually do given the circumstances. Maybe zombies are broken atm, maybe the animal count can only be upped by making the majority rats and hansters, or you get too much lag. Maybe we all went too crazy with trees.

    I was going to cut most of ours down to lessen lag, but alas I cant stay logged in.

    You know I have been an avid supporter of you and this game, but my patience seems to have run out.

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    Mac did you try a client reinstall to see if it fixes the crashing issues you were having?

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