My current situation is I keep crashing. Nothing on my side has changed, and it does not happen in any other game.

I cannot play like this, login after 10 mins now, and then play from 2 -10 minutes and I get dropped.

This is not a rage quit... maybe I will feel like playing later maybe not. But my level of frustration just trying to play tells me it's time for a break.

Not disbanding Pawnee, ( there are still active players there and another leader )
Not giving anyone my stuff, ( sorry Roberto, was not mad at your joke, you didn't realize just how I felt. )
Not mad at the devs. ( you are just too small to make regular or fast progress )

I am though, disappointed that ways have not been found to keep active players interested, and retain the new players that come here, only to leave a few days later.

I'm sure MrDDT will drop in here and make some clever remark, but frankly I just don't care much...

Jordi, if you want to retain players like me, you really need to act. If I am not the market you are looking for, that's fine too.

Thanks for a fun time and the truly fresh ways you setup world building.. enjoyd it a lot, but it has become a chore that requires many hands, and frankly this game cant seem to keep new players around.