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    Questions of Week 12/26 through 01/01

    please post your questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.
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    EDIT: posting different issue

    I've tested a high quality shovel, and moderate quality shovel when terraforming. Both seem to wear out at almost exactly same pace from condition level to condition level + or - one action. Is this working correctly? I also used a master qual shovel yesterday, and while i didnt count actions used to decay it, it seems to have done about the same or worse than two tested today.
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    Will schemes, particularly in bone crafting, be modified to accept or require mutant parts?

    To clarify my earlier question, the Xsyon launcher does not have a digital signature. Windows and sometimes my firewall complains about this. Any plans to acquire a signature for the executables?

    Now that everyone can gets a bin scheme at lvl 25 basketry, are there any plans to add value to basketry. Currently, a lower quality bin holds as much and lasts as long (forever) as a supreme bin. There are only three grass armor pieces that can take a buff including the grandmaster hat, so grass armor seems to be at a big disadvantage. As it stands, the only reason for high basketry is for higher level twine.


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