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    Goodbye (or bye for now)

    Since I do not feel paying 15$ monthly for a game that is clearly in development phase, I decided to quit.

    I will read the forums from time to time, and might come back when the game stabilizes.

    Just a few comments:
    - For a released game the changes put in after go live and the changes planned in the future are too drastic, you can do that in the development phase, but not after the final release. I'm talking about skill decay, totem decay, animal difficulty changes, combat changes etc.

    - Do not patch on weekends. Most of the time something goes wrong and many ppl only have the weekend to play, and you are taking away that opportunity from them.

    - Stick to a vision you have and do not change it. As it is now, this game is not really for the FFA PvPers and its not for the PvE/crafters. Decide what type of players you want to please and stick to that. As it is now, crafters/PvE hunters could be killed anywhere by other players, making them rage quit, and the PvPers cannot really conquer other tribes so there is no real meaningful PvP. This makes everybody unhappy.

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    cu. i also say goodbye for now. I will keep the forum in my eyes. Hope there comes a reason to come back soon.
    I will miss u all . Cu soon

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    I also hope for meaningful content....i'am a PvPer...i want to kill peoplei n this virtual world but with 5 crafters behind me who supply me....would be great. Huge tribe conquers because of ressources. Guarding of roads that are used by enemies to carry good from one point to another....

    Good luck Xsyon

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    see now im depressed, wish u all would stay :-(

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    It would be nice to stay, but I can't justify spending the $ for a sims right now. I really want to get our lands finished and enjoy playing, however, it is just not meant to be until more things are working better. Levald and I will be keeping up on the forums and hope to be back playing in the future.

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    When a game starts to be only frustrating all the time, its time to move on to other more entertaining games.

    No need to be depressed. Games are supposed to be fun.

    I have been a champion for this game all along, and still believe with time that they will have something very unique in the MMO genre.

    But for now, without the ability to gain and keep new players, for someone like me, there is little point in playing. I sure cannot build everything I would like to by my lonesome, nor do I like playing alone most days. This game is designed around group dynamics, but alas there is no group to play with.

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