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    About Xyson

    I've never played xyson and i must say i do like the concept of what i've read of this game, but the lack of any REAL trailers flaunting gameplay mechanics, possibilities, etc. Put me off buying it just to see if i would like it. And then I think to myself well what about a free trial perhaps? which i find out doesn't even exist. I've been watching this game for some time now, long before it was released. And I am saddened to see that you still don't have a free trial option.

    I ask myself the same question every time I look at this page: " Maybe the game just isn't good at all and you sign up, get your money taken off you, hate it and the company profits. ". I must ask here, what is the reason for the lack of a real free trial because the information on the game itself is so very scarce i can't help but imagine its just not all its psyched up to be.

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    I'm in the same sort of situation, the game price is a bit to high for me to simply throw money at it and hope that i will enjoy it especialy when i see a lot of post releating to the game being unfinnished / a payed beta.
    Don't get me wrong from what little i see about the game i do like what i see but without a trial i can not see the game getting a large enough player base to survive with the very large titles that are not to far from release. I do think a trial would bring in the audience needed to help the game grow into what it looks like it should be.
    I do understand the point of view from the current player base not wanting a steam of new players and the potential grief that is bound to come with a few of them but is there no sort of in-game modderators with the power to stop any sort of griefing before it gets out of hand? Can limmits not be imposed upon trial accounts?
    Well i do hope something happens soon to get more folks playing this game myself included as it looks like it could be a real gem of a game. I'm simply not going to put the kind of money thats being asked for into a "maybe" for want of a better word.

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    As a current player, I always look forward to new players joining.

    As for the current state of the game...

    There IS tons of stuff to do if you're self motivated. I doubt you'll see a more open world anywhere.

    There is a lot of content to master & "skill up" in preparation for what is to come. You need to remember that this game has a small developement team. Major items take a little bit of time to add, but they introduce smaller items all the time (check the Updates archive for the list).

    If you come into this game expecting to have your hand held & pointed in a specific direction, maybe this game is not for you.

    If you come into the game hoping to forge your own path of survival - come on in, the water's fine. Remember, this is the prelude chapter. Everything going on in game right now is in preparation for what is to come. If nothing else, consider the $40 a well spent break from the current glut of MMOs out there where you have no real effect on the world. Do not be intimidated by the small number of players that "have it all" - they've been here since beta and are (for the most part) very helpful to new players.

    Go it alone as a homesteader or join a tribe. Either way, this game will keep you busy for at least a month. By going it alone, you will have tons to learn and do just getting yourself set up. If you join a tribe, many have such large projects going on that they could use a hand.

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