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    I would like to remind some possitive comments

    When Xsyon started around March/April.Please don't look forward for the bad comments I would like to show some players felling about Xsyon. (This is not an official thread its just a personal initiative).


    This game could be really fun. It's unlike anything I have ever played far as a full blown persistent mmorpg goes. If your a serious role player, you might of just found heaven. This game, in its current state, offers the most robust role-play mechanisms I have seen to date in a mmorpg. It is the definition of a good sandbox in the making for sure.

    Nick: Beazt

    Hey guys.

    I dropped those 40 bucks, thinking this would just be a game to kill time untill something bigger n' better comes along.
    I was very sceptic, specially because 40 bucks seems like alot when you haven't tried it yet.

    But damn, was I in for a surprise, this game is possibly the best sandbox ever created.

    Nick: Raamoz

    Yup. Been playing themepark mmo's the past 6 years or so, found this game and jumped the gun and haven't regret it any bit. This game is brilliant. Lots of fun to be had with a creative mind!


    The videos don't really do the game justice IMO. The graphics are not that exciting to me. But the gameplay and the concepts are brilliant. Like the other guy said, its addicting as hell. I played the rift beta (and pre ordered) and enjoyed it. I played the Xsyon beta and was hooked almost immediately.


    I really can't remember the last time in the mmo scene that I've been pleasantly surprised. I too was once a doubter ..


    Looks like Freedom & Roleplaying is back in mmorpg's. Awesome.


    I'm not worried, i think Xyson is already a breath of fresh air, once your in the world it lures you in with its charms.
    It's the little details like eating and drinking or wandering of to gather some resources so your friend can craft you that new backpack that make Xsyon shine and its these little details that the MMO giants always over look. It's been along time since a game has charmed me like Xyson has and that was Ultima over a decade ago.
    Xyson will appeal to the type of person who prefers that cup of coffee in that back street cafe or would rather walk that extra mile to buy from a small grocer rather than taking easy street for a cheaper, faster but ultimately inferior product from a big company.
    I personally love wandering in the snowy peeks exploring and then running for my life when a big grumpy bear decides i look tastier than the local fish... Xsyon has a great feeling of freedom, at no point have i found myself being pushed in any direction i didn't want to go in, i love it.


    I'm liking this game more and more. It is really growing on me.


    Xyson certainly seems to be bringing the RPG element back to MMOs!


    Xsyon is the best Sandbox (IMO the only TRUE sandbox on the market.)


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    Very nice post Mihr.

    There are MANY positives about this game.

    Let me list a few myself... ( these are MY personal views )

    The Building in this game is by far the very best I have seen in any game. Along with terraforming, it provides the right amount of freedom with the right amount of challenge.

    The simple fact that I can shape the land in a permanent way is a truly amazing accomplishment. Even though a few other games may provide something similar, this one beats them all hands down.

    Crafting is quite fun, and requires lots of different items, making the items made feel like an accomplishment. Well done.

    For me, if we also had Zombies, and decay the game would be almost perfect... Still needs archery.

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    A lot of us felt this way when the game was in beta and first released, but I'm not sure how many still feel that way.

    The game really does have some incredible features, the problems that exist just need to be ironed out for those features to shine.

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    Excellent post! The game has even more to offer then it did at launch, personally im loving it all, my little arch recipe collections ive been doin are a tough task and as for animals, the smaller ones run from ya and taunt ya, I had alot of fun huntinh animals!

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    The bones are definite there now we only need the flesh and we have one of VERY few real 3D sandbox MMO's

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