fwiw I disagree with posts saying I'm leaving because I have to pay however GuideRaguel closed the thread where China and zookeeper were calling those that had free subs thieves and freeloaders and I wanted to make a point.

So for the record, I agree with them recharging everyone however NG should have just reactivated the sub.

When I was confronted with an inactive account it forced me to decide whether I wanted to resub to a game I thought I was subscribed to. I wasn't going to cancel my sub, they did it for me and I would happily pay however because it was made inactive I decided to give it a few more patches before resubbing. Whilst I disagree with those saying that they had quit because they have to pay, I resent the implication that this is in anyway anyones fault other than NG's that many have not been charged for such a long time and tbf they deserved the free time considering the debacle that was the launch.

Simply put, if you force people to make a decision, they will make a decision with a little more thought than they would have otherwise and so I suspect many more will hold off resubbing than would have quit because they were being charged again. Sadly some people cannot grasp that concept and making accusations does not do anything good for the community.

So bottom line is this, it would have been better to just start charging people as that is what we were expecting and tbf expected it months ago. By making the account inactive, forced me to decide to hold off for a few more patches which I otherwise would not have done which is not the same as quitting because you have to pay. There will be others that also reevaluated because of the account being made inactive and not because of cost. Unfortunately the vociferous minority want to throw slanderous comments around at every opportunity.

You can now close this one as well GuideRaguel, I just wanted to defend the preorder community against an outrageous slur