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    Cool *** The Anasazi *** are looking for tribe members

    The Anasazi have a large plot of land (129m radius), located just off the South West shore of The Lake in what used to be called Emerald Bay (entry way coords: z778: 396.31/272.26).

    We have access to the following nearby resources:
    • Junkpile
    • Water
    • Animals
    • Dirt
    • Granite,Flint,Chalk, and Obsidian
    • Wood
    • ...basically, everything!

    Please feel free to visit; we are a non-aggressive tribe. Need several active people to help build it up! We have many projects going on:

    • Supply and Raw goods house
    • Clan Lodge
    • Terracing
    • Walls
    • Pond reclaimation
    • Resource gathering/component crafting (granite bricks, et al)
    • Tool maintainance
    • Farming/Cooking area (when those skills become available)

    Leadership positions available:
    • Mason in Chief
    • Architect
    • Scout(s) (exploring/scavenging)
    • Harvesters/Planters
    • Foodist in Chief (fishing/cooking)
    • Herbalist
    • Two Shaman positions

    You can also send me an in-game PM if you wish or any of the tribespeople listed below, although email is best:

    /w Roberto
    /w Umirshand
    /w Van
    /w Yulee
    /w Venexis
    /w Glerth
    /w Romp
    /w Kekkuli
    /w Quintrix

    We also have a Guild Page to keep in touch out of game:

    Email if interested in joining. This is a PvP friendly tribe but mostly of crafters/builders. Tribe accepts all non-drama queens, easy-going, and cool people.

    Just look for the big RED arrow.

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    Bum-pity bum-pity bump bump bump bump

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    Welcome back Kartoon!

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    Welcome to Umirshand and Van!

    Added after 2 Hours 26 minutes:

    Welcome Venexis!

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    Hi Survivors,

    Please email me if you would like to join the Anasazi tribe or whisper one of us in-game:

    /w Roberto
    /w Umirshand
    /w Van
    /w Yulee
    /w Venexis
    /w Romp


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    Still recruiting members for The Anasazi tribe. Please whisper any of the above people for an invite! Thanks!

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    The Anasazi are still recruiting. Go to to apply OR /w one of the above-mentioned tribe members to get invited. Unfortunately, you DO have to show up to the tribal site and/or be in the presence of one of the members to receive an invite.

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    Got to run a little bit with Blacklist -- 'twas fun! Come on down my way soon!

    Added after 21 Hours 34 minutes:

    Welcome to the Anasazi Tribe, Kekkuli, Quintrix, Scamp, and Glerth!

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