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    Questions of Week 01/02 through 01/08

    Happy New Year All!

    Please post your questions to the developers below...

    Thank you.

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    Currently, and as far as I know, the only way to build a multi-story building is to use the 'dirt method'. Is there any chance of it being able to be done outside that method soon? As in, actual stackable pieces?

    Thanks for all your great work, Xsyon-team!

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    I notice that in some crafting disciplines there is the ability to craft a hat for that school, starting from novice through to grandmaster.

    1. Is there any bonus to that discipline whilst wearing that hat whilst crafting, or are they just for show/bragging rites.
    2. If there is does the GrandMasters exceed the 100 limit or convey other advantages whilst crafting that school.

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