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    Has the game gotten any better

    I play games to have fun but i also like the idea of this game it is just boring. I Bought it around 5 months ago and played for about a week with a guy called Mr DDT we went round killing bears it was pretty funny but after i got tired of that there was nothing really to do. When i used to play like runescape i would level skills make money kill hard enemys with groups and gear up for pvp and in this theres nothing i really have to prepare for so i get bored.

    Something that usualy goes round in mmos im gona give an example of runescape it has many skills. SO i chop trees on it and while im leveling this up i can sell it for money but in this i chop trees i can build stuff but i have no reason to.

    What i truly think is there needs to be 1 starting town that xyson creates where we have general stores and stuff then the game world can grow from there and the tribes around it need to visit there every so often . i might come back in the future but there just has to be something thats fun to come on for.

    Some interesting features which could be added to boost things to do

    Most important to me is a Starting town which is like the king of all towns it has resting areas, stores, arena things that people have a reason to go to if there in need of supplies. i no its about having your own tribe but we build around this and it would help the game grow and start a comminity for example dam no logs here o you should go to the treehugger tribe they sell lots o ok thanks.
    This could also be used for QUESTS - you read sign in the town and the TJ tribe in need of 10 baskets deliver to these cords where there totem is and you gain 5 logs something like that so you actualy adventuring to do something for other people growing a massive world community.

    Treasure trails in runescape our basic but in this game we could get a map of the current area we are in and some cords and have to find and dig a chest out the ground and claim rewards which can be rare or important.

    Holding animals so they breed and give your tribe food and at night animals can come and try kill them this makes you defend your land or build better defences.

    half of the map could be pvp half pve you could do it so you can only have 1 tribe in either pvp or pve zone. Or you could be aloud to have one in each zone and in the pvp zone everything can be destoryed but there needs to be better building tools for this. and the pve zone could be your comercial tribe or an ally pve tribe can supply a pvp tribe and enemys can try intercept trade routes would be fun.

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    Its funny you should mention MrDDT, Id say that Indutrials Strengh boot camp is one of those very large cities where you can allways find someone to help you, does it really matter that it its not a NPC town? Not in my book.

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    banden the npc town was so people would meet because most just stay in there zones or around and this would allow the game to grow.

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    The first thing that this game neeeds is meaningful content. okay we got one meaning atm and that is build stuff. But we need more like holding territory

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    Quote Originally Posted by MGStewart View Post
    banden the npc town was so people would meet because most just stay in there zones or around and this would allow the game to grow.
    My point was that emphasis should and will be kept on player created content. They have stuck with the idea of no friendly npc towns or mobs so far and I think they will keep it that way. Thats not a bad thing though, cities are made and run by players, I take it that you are a returning player so you might not know this but larger tribes can now set their tribelands as starting location for new players. Once a proper alignment system is implemented these tribes will be able to act very much like the NPC towns you are asking for.

    The reason why people do not congregate is not that they dont have anywhere to do it, there is no reason to congregate in larger groups and trade, fight etc. because Everything is in abundance so there isent really an economy to speak of, land is all the same so there is no reason to fight over it, this has been discussed at length, time and time again and NPC towns will do absolutely nothing to change it.

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    Confidence is a dish that is best served in the toilet. Unless you have lots of grains of salt to take with it.

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    I have the same question as the topic title. I was here for the first month or two and I want someone to answer the question.

    What new features/tweaks of old features have been added to this game since release? I know I could browse the forums and probably find them all but if there is someone here that has either been here the whole time or who left and came back, I would really like to see a summary of the more major changes so I know whether its worth my time to resub and give the game another shot or not.

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    planting trees
    bout 120+ new arch schemes
    Combat got revised
    animals got revised several times + they can turn mutant now
    lots of sync issues and optimizations were done
    Schemes now have a limit to how many you can learn based on level
    Tool-weapon-armor decay is in and working
    Are totems are candycanes with presents around them atm
    Tribes with 20+ members n that have the *tribe status* can now select to have new player spawn by their city
    Their is waterskins (they carry water and you can drink from them and refill them from the lake-river or a barrel)
    Water barrels was added, this is a woodcraft scheme that ya grind out, Waterskins can be found scavenging or grinding
    Scavenging drop rates have changed massively and are a bit challenging now.
    Their is Quality on all items and artisan-master tool recipes, Also quality effects the items durability as well as damages
    Items can be found ingame to give gears bonus's that effect certain skills and stats
    Carts are being worked on and almost done, ive gotten to test them, they are very nice!
    Also tribes give a bonus to ya that effects your stats
    Skill decay tracking system is ingame and skill decay will be insoon same with totem decay
    So theirs wats bein worked on now and wats been added to the game :-)
    oh and almost forgot, account system is almost finished /redone

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    I have to answer honestly. You almost had me sold until you mentioned skill decay. I don't want to have to tailor my activities in game around not losing stats in my focus skills. Depending on how skill decay works I may or may not give this game another try. If there is some way to select a few skills that will never decay I'm fine with it. If all skills always decay whenever you aren't using them, or whenever you gain XP in any skill, that won't work for me at all.

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    well from my understanding, when ya say keep making stuff with arch, then another skill will begin decaying, So you can actually still use any skill, however you have to spec into which skill ya want, However this is all that i know about it and its from here on the fourms, Not sure of how exactly itll work, but im sure it wont be that bad.

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