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Thread: Hello, Xsyon!

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    Hello, Xsyon!

    Hmmm, I was never good at intros...
    So, I guess I'l start with the basics. I am Lepold, and I will be naming my character Nehsi. I am in the process of downloading the game and all of the things I've been reading here on the have been making me drool in excitement and cringe in fear. However, I won't know how the game actually is until I dive head first into it. I hope to get a little guidance in-game from someone "well seasoned" in Xsyon. There is one thing I must know, because I haven't seen much one it except on the actual site, does animal taming work?
    Welp that's all I got. See yall in-game I guess.

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    Hi Leopold /Nehsi,

    Welcome to Xsyon. Animal taming is not in game yet, but watch out for the mutant squirrels! There are plenty of "seasoned Survivors" in the community that are willing to help & give advice. Just give a shout out in global chat. Also /h will send a message to a guide if you need some help.


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    Hi Leopold /Nehsi,

    Taming and Cooking is not in the game (yet) and you should not waste any points on those 2 skills. Most players enjoy helping newcomers out, and you will receive several invites for one or the other tribe quite soon. So if you like to do so, you will soon be part of a community, which will certainly help you get started and involved in the game and activities in the tribe. If you choose to pursue a more hermit existence be prepared to eventually trade with other players for tools and weapons (axe and shovel are weapons, but needed for the more interesting activities like forestry and terra forming).

    Good luck and have fun

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    Hello! welcome to the community, if ya ever need help /w fatboy or /w Reginald Also if ya need a home let us know, i am the leader of the preatorian guards or if ya want a homestead in an area that is a bit active then your welcome to move to 896, Ethier way we shall help ya if ya need it :-)

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    Thank you! For all the warm welcomes and the offer of a place to stay. I might hang around for a bit til I know what I'm doing. One more question, 697 anything up there?

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    not really any actives around that area at all.

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    I know where I'm going when I can make it on my own! xD

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