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    Come one come all!

    next weekend, The preatorian Guards wil be offering free items, bins worth untill i get my city de-basketized. This is a no-pvp event, just a great way for the community to get together and well, collect free stuff!, Btw WTB freeway schemes!

    Cords are zone 896-pos 926-511 Please enjoy your visit :-) Also more event infos to be posted!

    Thinking up more ideas for the weekend! but need to chat with the guides first!, I promise you all will have alot of fun!

    Alright folks, Events being planned for next weekend, their is over 6 events planned for both days of the weekend,! cant wait to see ya their!

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    We will also be hosting several activities including The Great Fishing Relay Race and The Mighty Marioesque Obstacle Course. Times and prizes for these events will be announced as soon as I figure out what they will be!

    The fishing relay race will involve simultaneously competing teams of 3 players each. The first player will be standing at the beginning of the race by a pool of water attempting to catch a fish. As soon as a fish is caught, the first player will run that fish a short distance to where the second player is waiting and trade it to them. Once the second player has the fish in hand, they must run a longer distance to where the third player is waiting and trade the fish. Once the third player has the fish in hand, they must run a short distance to their team's fish bin, open it up, and place the fish inside the bin.

    The team with the most fish in their bin at the end of the time limit wins! See the cheesy black and white diagram at the bottom of this post for an illustration of the rules of the race.

    The obstacle course can be challenged by one player at a time. Players must register before the start of the event so that they may be placed in line. Each player gets to challenge the course 2 times with the fastest between those two times being their official time. Falling off the course into water means the player must go back to the start of the course, and falling into a pit means the player must go back to the half way point. Using the /unstuck command, walking around obstacles, or otherwise attempting to cheat the course will cause that player to be disqualified.

    On the conclusion of the event, the player with the fastest official time is the winner! Once again, see the cheesy black and white diagram to get a sense of what the obstacle course will look like.

    Hope to see lots of people there! Send me a message on the forums or a message in-game to Reginald and let me know if you would like to be a part of these events.

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