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    I love world building.

    Hello, I enjoy this game. It has many interesting features which set it apart from other games. There are very few games out there that have world building, intuitive crafting, and twitch combat. The ideas behind this game are solid and well thought out. The world building systems in the game, like planting trees and diverting rivers, give the experience an immerse quality that few other games can match.

    However, the implementation of the gathering, teraforming and crafting systems require way too mouse acrobatics, and though painfully tedious, require the players full attention.

    This criticism aside, i do find the game to be fun, especially the world building. A little back story if you don't know me, i have what i feel is a very nice little castle on the west side. You can see it in one of ddts videos from last years architecture contest. On my alt I was working on a cathedral and have almost all of the scaffolding built. I am currently unsubscribed on both of these accounts, however. The reason for this due to my earlier criticisms. This is my plea.

    Dear Jordi, Darkfire or anyone.
    Please make teraforming, crafting and gathering less tedious, and I promise to resubscribe with a minimum of 2 accounts and build a cathedral in your name.

    Please! I beg you.

    The scaffolding for the cathedral is something like 20k dirt. Dropping 12+ dirt at at time takes a ridiculous amount of time and right clicking, during which you cant even zone/tab out, because you have to pay attention to the little yellow bar. And after which i am completely drained of energy that i have to rest for 5 minutes before i can even walk back to the basket with the dirt.

    These are my personal feelings, and I do not want to take away from the potential that this game has, but i feel that while interacting with the menus and such it is easy for me to become bogged down in tedium.

    In closing I would like to add that I am not advocating making these systems easy sauce. Difficulty adds value to accomplishments, but it has to be more than just, "who gives up last."

    Thanks for your time.

    P.S. If you have to delete this post, i understand. I'm not trying to me cruel, just honest.

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    The problem here is, you building it alone. But yes it would be cool if we need less mouse clicks

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    I think the terra forming cast speed is too slow. However, don't change the base speed, just make Artisan and Master shovels dig faster. Maybe 4 seconds for Artisan and 2 seconds for Master.

    I can personally attest to how long it takes to terraform. Unless you have 10+ people doing it all at once, it's going to take a long while.

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