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    Questions of Week 01/09 through 01/15

    Please post your questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.

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    1. How are you doing on grass/branches spreading. I know you deactivated spreading of forest ground during spring to optimize, any improvements?
    2. How are you doing on animal distribution, especially critters vs large game? Will you put up restrictions on critters to allow for more large game?
    3. What exactly are you wokring on atm?
    4. Will there be a check to avoid natural tree spawning from spawning a lump of trees, like there is for players?

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    In general creatures are behaving as they should. Creatures are rare in areas with a lot of human activity, but more remote zones are plentiful with creatures. Players have been hunting the larger game animals, so the smaller critters have bred like rabbits. Mutants abound on the edges of the green mist in hard to reach areas.
    How is human activity figured? Just by distance from the lake? In some areas, I can skirt the mist for several zones and not see as much as a hamster, while in other areas there are often 3+ critters in view at the same time, even between two tribal areas.

    After the daily server maintenance, the bonuses on newly crafted items all display as #.00. Is this rounding a bug, a display error, or working as intended?

    Can you give me an ETA for porches or at least more walls with doors?


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