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    The Preatorian Guards Spring Clean Up! 01/14/2011

    Greetings Survivors!

    Fatboy and his tribe are cleaning up their tribal area, and have decided to give alot of their useful items as prizes in their very own Event.

    The Event will take place at:
    12pm PST
    Zone 896-Pos-932-786
    The Preatorian Guards Tribe

    The Event will consist of the following Games:

    The Great Obstical Course

    The obstacle course can be challenged by one player at a time. Players must register before the start of the event so that they may be placed in line. Each player gets to challenge the course 2 times with the fastest between those two times being their official time. Falling off the course into water means the player must go back to the start of the course, and falling into a pit means the player must go back to the half way point. Using the /unstuck command, walking around obstacles, or otherwise attempting to cheat the course will cause that player to be disqualified.

    On the conclusion of the event, the player with the fastest official time is the winner! Once again, see the cheesy black and white diagram to get a sense of what the obstacle course will look like.

    The Fish Relay

    The fishing relay race will involve simultaneously competing teams of 3 players each. The first player will be standing at the beginning of the race by a pool of water attempting to catch a fish. As soon as a fish is caught, the first player will run that fish a short distance to where the second player is waiting and trade it to them. Once the second player has the fish in hand, they must run a longer distance to where the third player is waiting and trade the fish. Once the third player has the fish in hand, they must run a short distance to their team's fish bin, open it up, and place the fish inside the bin.

    The team with the most fish in their bin at the end of the time limit wins! See the cheesy black and white diagram at the bottom of this post for an illustration of the rules of the race.

    The Bear arena of Doom.

    The bear arena event will be 10 rounds, Each round 1 bear is add, once ya reach round 10 its 10 bears vs the player. Incase of a tie, more rounds and bears will be added.

    The Great Treasure Hunt.

    Now the treasure hunt will be a guide run part of the even, they will have bins with various items in them around the area for you all to find, they will be in chat range

    All will be hosted by Fatboy and his Tribe, however the Guide Team will be there to help with certain aspects of the Event.

    Attached are some images given by Fatboy and his tribe to give you an idea of Events....

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    Thanks folks for coming out! Hope you all had a great time and enjoy your goodies! :-)

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    The Fish Relay and The Great Obstical Course

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    Very fun event. I think the people there were having a great time and it was very funny. Good job on all the work Fatboy, and thanks guides for all the help.

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    Fatboy this was an awesome event! I absolutely loved the obstacle course! What a great playground for players to have some fun! Thx for all your time and hard work to make such a wonderful event! Keep up the great work! Cya in game!

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    Xsyon Citizen Angelique's Avatar
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    Thank you for all the fun I had at the event, I laughed most with the obstacle course, especialy baby and me keep falling down Thank you for all the work and effort, I had a blast !!

    Greetings Shaina, Angelique my new alt.

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    Your all very welcome, Stay tune, bout 2 months i shall open up the arena Weekly! :-)

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    Hello everyone!

    Just to remind that there is a bin left from the hunting event called "fatboy event The Big One" which every day is filled with a new stack of items.

    It has 5 human skulls,1 master waterskin,1000 Chrome nails,1000 titanium Screws,1000 Chrome rivets,5 spades,Master and Mentor's leather helm so far

    EDIT: 200 granite brick, 200 limestone mortar,Artisan's forager saw,Bamati lalag gate.

    EDIT: Pionner sheet Roof,Scrappers fortress Gate,Mason heavy Gate,Foragers Waterskin,Craftman Foragers Cart Hull and Cart wheel,Butchers knife and Aneway Axe (Supreme Quality)1000 Dollar Bill,30 Chrome Decoration.

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    Hello Everyone!

    Just to remind that "The Big One " bin is still around Fatboy's area it can be in the same zone or in the surronding zones.

    Good Luck!

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