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    Trying to decide if this is the game for me..

    I have spent money on tons of mmo's in order: Asherons call, Dark age of camelot, WoW, Warhammer, Guild Wars, DCO, Darkfall, rift, eve, and the new star wars.

    I like gameplay more than graphics, Solo play is a must since I like the added challenge, I like survival and creative games (sandbox). I like skill based PvP where you have to aim, block, strafe to avoid attacks, so no tab targeting 1 button press heat seeking missile combat.

    I like minecraft just based on the survival aspec but not really into the unrealistic parts of that game.

    Best combat game I have played based on hand to hand combat skill is mount and blade but its not a mmo really.

    Now out of the above games the only ones I cared for was asherons call and darkfall since the others were not skill based pvp and lacked sandbox style of play. Now eve was close but it was not like you took the seat of your spaceship and aimed at targets shooting a lazer.

    So yeah what I am saying is I have played many games and my steam library has 300+ games but normally I play them for a week max if its a mmo then get bored of the same old thing. So would you suggest this game based on what I am looking for?

    Oh and whats the grind like compared to say darkfall?

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    About the same as Darkfall IMO, if you want to be solo and great at everything.

    If you dont care about being great and just living and doing your own thing to hell with making the best stuff. Grind isnt bad.

    Skillful PVP isnt here yet, its more about building up your toon ( a lot like darkfall only DFO has most skillful PVP IMO).

    This game is more about building up a world, effecting the world around you, and the community. PVE, PVP are sorta not really even close to the main part of this game. If you like Wurm Online building your world just to see what you can do. This game would be great for you.

    If you are looking for a more of a sandbox PVP darkfall, you might want to wait about 6 to 12months.

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    Ok thanks for the info, downloading it now and I will give it a shot since there is nothing else to play right now.

    Added after 7 Hours 53 minutes:

    Well after playing all day and even though I did not see a single person....I am addicted, its a amazing game and I will be happy to support it in hopes the PvP ends up being good in the end.

    Only gripe I have about it is all the clicking, and if there is not less of it in the future we all will have extreme arthritis in our fingers!

    After playing the new star wars its a relief to be playing something new and not going with the mainstream trend.

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    Well I gave it a good go and love the features this game has but its the ones it does not have that is going to drive me away.

    Everything it has going is good, problem is after a few days of playing I started to feel like I was going to build my area and it would be like ok game over.

    I like the hunting but it seems unrealistic and a huge lack of things to kill, I walked many time for hours just exploring and only saw a baby chicken. I have played for a good 20 hours and in that time I have only killed about 4-5 animals.

    Though most of the time I was building things and gathering resources. Another thing it needs is a fear of death or fear of being hungry or thirsty because for awhile I was keeping my food and thirst bar full but once I realized it would not kill me I left them on empty. There is also no real threat of anything and you would have to try very hard to die in this game.

    But most of all what it lacks is players and even though I could see signs of players all over the landscape, I never ran into a single person.

    So in short great game for what it has but need lots more to keep a player base and needs a point besides just build. I am going to uninstall it but I do not feel my money has gone to waist since I will keep a eye on the games progress and possibly make a return but for now farewell and I sure hope the devs can turn things around on this one because the skeleton of this game is great, it just needs the flesh.

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    if they dropped either the 40 dollar game account purchase or the 15 dollar monthly subscription and just kept 1 of them they would still be making money and gain a bigger playerbase

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    yes clawstorm, i guess your experience is a mirror for 100's of other people who tried it out. First you notice is all the unneeded clicking that you have to do and the second thing is that there is really no meaning to anything.

    But this will change, the Dev's progress slowly because of the team seize. So its different than darkfall were nothing happens.

    Thats the actual list on what they are working on

    Carts (done on test server)
    Skill and stat revision including balance, caps, decayand death penalties.
    Revised xp and leveling.
    Resource and material redistribution.
    Further crafting revisions.
    Faster tool, weapon and armor decay on use.
    Improved quest system, including gaining xp from quests.
    Trade system using local currencies.
    Creature AI and difficulty, including the arrival ofundead.
    Comfort and weather effects on players.
    Building uses.
    Further combat improvements.
    Totem decay and abandonment.
    Removal of bin permissions on public land.
    Allowing tribes to remove their safe zones and gainadvantages by doing so.

    As usual we will also address critical bugs and other issues as they arise. That's all for now!
    As you see, the world becomes abit more harsh ( bins public to everyone outside of tribal area) and buildings get a meaning what Mr.DDT said give it another 6-12 month and we will have a sandbox MMO pearl

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    I agree KayVee...well sort of. I am reluctant to spend $40 on a game that may/may not be dead and uninteresting....but would gladly pay $40 and a sub. for a game that I have seen to be fun and containing life lol....throw us reluctant folks a short free trial or something =) With so many crappy games and a wrecked global economy, ppl just arent going to throw money at a "gamble".

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