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    Newbie in need of help

    Whats up everyone

    I just purchase the game and I am really stoked to play, but I when I try to create a character it wont let me create a name so I can play. There's no text that shows up or anything. I've tried restarting and re-installing. Any advice or am I an idiot?

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    You're just an idiot. No no I'm kidding.

    I've never heard of that happening though. Hopefully a guide can help you out.

    If you get it worked out, choose Industrial Strength as your spawning point. We can help you get familiar with the game, there's really quite a lot to learn.

    Good luck to you.


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    I have sent you a personal message to your inbox.

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    Let us know how this works out.

    Sounds to me like the screen size issue some people Ive heard had.

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