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    Reddit section

    If you don't know what Reddit is, it's basically the front page of the internet where you can post videos, pictures, links, or just talk about anything. If we can make this sub-reddit grow, then people on Reddit will come and check out the section. They will then find out the potential Xsyon has and they will want to support it.

    Reddit has millions of users and could lead Xsyon in the right direction. For instance: There is a section for Battlefield 3. Before BF3 came out the developers actually posted on the BF3 section on how the game could be better and what needs improving. The developers actually post there regularly and reply to questions players have.

    So if we could get the developers of Xsyon on Reddit to listen and chat about the game who knows what we could accomplish.

    Make an account, upload videos and upvote other topics about the game to increase it's popularity.

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    Or we could continue to use these forums.


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    Of course. But just to gain more attention for the game I think it would be a good idea.

    Added after 23 Hours 49 minutes:

    Nobody else has anything to add? This could really bring xsyon to the next level

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