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    Questions of Week 01/16 through 01/22

    Please post your questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.

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    Once revanants are in game, (I know it is still a while off), have you planned on them being mutated by the green mist the same way creatures are?

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    1. While you optimize the code for forest ground to spread, would it be possible to turn on grass to forest ground conversion for trees during autumn? Btw it's nice to see that roads retreated during the forest ground spreading !

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    I had asked for an ETA on the larger roof and floor tiles on a previous QotW post and you gave us an approximate release this first quarter. With all the of the unusual delays recently (I hope you feel better soon.), and more urgent items on your to-do list, will the new arch items be release in Q2 instead?

    Once decay from the elements is patched into the game;

    1) Will the roof and floor tiles prevent decay of the bins AND resources (i.e. logs, scrap, grass stalks, etc.)? Or just the bins?

    2) Will the preventative benefits of the roof and floor tile require the combo to receive the benefits? Will there be a partial benefit (or no benefit at all) if you just have bins placed on a floor tile without the roof? Or resources placed under roof structures without the floor tile?

    3) Most roof structures are wider and deeper than the 4m squared floor tiles. Will the larger roof shield the elements outside to the 4m squared foot print? (i.e. 5m squared?)

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    I would like to know if white paved roads are going to accessible to players? Guides can make them, and it seems like an easy add.

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    Yes I agree with ggnomely I would think it would be an easy add (but what do i know) and would give us SO MANY more options and styles for our tribes.

    On that note and same why can we pave outside our tribe areas but cant remove the paved areas it really is a pain when you want your place and the area you live in to look nice but someone went nuts paving.So any chance we can use clear/terrain on said paves?

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