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Thread: Crafting hopes

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    Crafting hopes

    Hey fellow Xsyonites,

    Im eagerly awaiting access to the game and was thinking back on some of the great crafting systems that I've come across in mmo's.

    I think the best of all would have to be Star Wars Galaxies. May it rest in peace. Though combat was destroyed I still believe the crafting and social aspect of the game (through entertainers) is still head and shoulders above all else. The use of tools and stations, and the detail involved in crafting a set of armour for instance was great. The way you could place rare ingredients into the regular item to increase its stats was also a nice way to allow regular players to make most items while letting more serious crafters go for rare resources. The use of harvesters was also an excellent system.

    Second best, I think would have to be a small game called A tale in the Desert. Not sure how many of you got a chance to check this out but it was set in ancient egypt and your tools, stations and craftable items were based on this time period. Like Xsyon everything in the game was player created though there was no combat at all. You could do everything from bee keeping to wine making to building pyramids.

    I've included a link that shows what is involved in wine making alone:

    I'm not advertising for other games, rather introducing some ideas that I found very enjoyable in the hope that others may come to like the look of them and similar ideas get developed for Xsyon.

    We are the people who will shape the future of Xsyon, lets share the ideas and see how we go.

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    Re:Crafting hopes

    From reading the feature list, the crafting and resource portion sound very SWG-like. I sure hope that's the case, and would love to see it even more complex if possible.

    Basically, I'd like to see dynamic attributes within the same resource and the ability to experiment with different resources for the same item. I loved the resource shifts in SWG.

    Anything that will allow a meta-game to unfold for crafting would be awesome. Crafters of the same skill would need to find/buy resources with the best stats to top the other, but the "little guy" could have a chance at finding a spot with high quality <insert resource> and be able to have their turn at making something of high value.

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