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Thread: To the devs!

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    To the devs!

    Just went on the test server tonight, those new updates n fixs, TY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baskets have been a pain in are asses along time and finally we can get rid ofem! and when i loged in a raccoon thought i was dinner, Even bettter! then we got carts too!, Beleave i hit heaven hehe :-)

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    Removal of bin permissions on public land.
    i came

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    I had asked Mihr about the scrapcrafting skill that before was required for some of the scrapper cart parts. He said it would be included when the patch for carts was ready, but there is no scrapcrafting skill on test atm. Was the skill requirement removed or will we still have pieces that we cant use due to not having the skill?

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    cant use scrappers cart yet sadly :-(

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