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    Considering returning.

    I played Xsyon for about a month before the game came out. I didn't quit until after the whole launch fiasco. I'm not sure if I want to drop any more money into this game just yet. Do you guys feel the game is headed in a good direction? How is the population? Is the game updated often?

    Three things I would really like to see happen are:
    Open pvp outside of totem areas
    Drop the $40 game cost

    I hear carts are nearly finished.

    One thing I liked about this game the most was the community. Everyone was pretty nice and laid back.

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    Thats what they acutally working on:

    Carts (done on test server)
    Skill and stat revision including balance, caps, decayand death penalties.
    Revised xp and leveling.
    Resource and material redistribution.
    Further crafting revisions.
    Faster tool, weapon and armor decay on use.
    Improved quest system, including gaining xp from quests.
    Trade system using local currencies.
    Creature AI and difficulty, including the arrival ofundead.
    Comfort and weather effects on players.
    Building uses.
    Further combat improvements.
    Totem decay and abandonment.
    Removal of bin permissions on public land.
    Allowing tribes to remove their safe zones and gainadvantages by doing so.
    You could always attack everyone outside of tribal area that was never a issue. However people never left there tribal area.

    The game improved compared to release. It is sync now as far as i could see. The combat itself is much better not this dual wield clickfest.

    The game gets good updates atleast every month, sometimes more.

    I think yes it is heading into a good direction, however it is slow....

    What i would really like to see is less clicking while playing the game ( auto gathering, auto craft were you set the amount).

    In my opinion even if you don't enjoy the building the whole month your money isn't wasted and a good invest for the future of this sandbox MMORPG pearl. Maybe wait until they have implemented most of the stuff from above list since it will give more possibilities PVP wise and adventure wise ( finding all the empty tribal areas with lots of ressources on them)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niburu View Post
    You could always attack everyone outside of tribal area that was never a issue. However people never left there tribal area.

    The problem isnt that you can attack someone or not, its the fact you will find someone to attack. There is little reason to attack anyone, and that's even if you found someone. Few people need to live their tribe areas, even if they do you cant find them. There is no tracking, there is no drive to want to kill someone or take the time to do it.

    PVP wise, I would wait a long time on this game. I dont see it having the PVP options people want for a while, the current player base (abit small) seems to want safety everywhere. So the devs have kept this going. I expect maybe in 6 months to a year we might have PVP areas, and reasons to PVP. Until then I wouldnt expect any pvp in this game at all.

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    Just because you need some obscure reason to kill someone DDT doesn't mean other people can't do it simply to raise their weaponskill and/or just to kill etc. I don't PvP to get stuff. I PvP to get better at controlling my combat, raise my skill and kill for the laugh. To that the combat system is actually become really fun! Though it is true, if you seek items, you might as well trade for them or make them yourself (less of a hassle) and if you seek PvP you're in for a lot of scouting at the moment (if you even manage to find someone).
    - Animals have gotten a lot tougher and especially the mutants can be hard to kill alone.

    Crafting is still tedious, but at least it has gone through revisions giving you the chance to get artisan and master tool recipes, basketry finally auto-gain a basket at skill 25. I'm sure that the other crafting areas will undergo the same revisions as tool crafting in the near future.
    Architecture has gotten the most improvements in crafting. Amongst others a lot of custom housing, ramps, blocks etc to customize your settlement, village, city.

    Trees are plantable by players and they also spread naturally so the world is coming back to life .

    hmm.. there's so much but that is a small recap. I'm just waiting for the new animal/cart patch which should bring along a better creature distribution with more large animals and less critters that should provide for more and easier combat in the game and then carts which should ease up trade and hauling resources.

    I find it that the game is actually coming along nicely, moreover it is becoming more like a MMO than it was at launch (which was pretty much just stand around and spam hide :P)

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