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    Question Trial of the game?

    I really like the concept of the game so far from what Ive read and was wonderign if the trial possibility is possible currently?
    I saw that in order to activate the game, I would have to pay 30+. Will it charge my CC right away?

    Basically, TLDR version is: Looking to try this game out before buying it. Is it possible?

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    Check out some of the stuff on youtube.

    I even have a youtube channel myself.

    Yes it will charge your CC right away. There is no trial.

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    A trial of sorts is in the works though on a different server just for the trial but idk when.Like ddt said there lots of good youtube vids to check out it should give you a good idea if its for you or worth the money IMO its well worth the money to try it out even if you only sub for the 1st month.You can also check out test server to see some stuff coming up thats not on live server if its open to public.

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    Looks most wonderful so far, however, I still got to think before I will toss the 30 out. Was wondering if this game could hold my attention for years(aka, how fast one reaches "endgame" if ever?) and how this game is doing population wise?
    I am a former EVE player and really fed up, been looking for a new game for months and only this game has gotten me close enought to try.

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    Really depends on what you are looking to do in it. I know in EVE online economy is a huge part of the game, however, so is building up POS's.

    This game is a lot less about controlling the world, and economy. But if you are looking for something where you can do a lot of building and let your mind work the land/world around you Xsyon is one of the best games for that. The graphics are good for a sandbox game, and the terraforming and world building is fun, lots of things to keep someone going who is looking to do that.

    If you are looking for PVP, action, PVE etc you might want to wait on the game for 6 to 12months.

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