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    FeedBack Request: Carts and related mechanics.

    Hello everyone,

    Please leave feedback regarding Carts here... This is the place where developers will look.

    Thank you.

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    well i must say, These carts are very insane to grind up. Not to mention at lvl 43 i dont even have a full cart yet. (yea i tossed points into it) scavengin has given better results. But this is by far the longest and most tougest item ingame in history to make. WHich uses a ton of resources. Its driving me Nuts, But nice

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    It's nice to have to work for something and have a long term goal. I like the idea of difficult items

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    Quote Originally Posted by Umirshand View Post
    It's nice to have to work for something and have a long term goal. I like the idea of difficult items
    Difficult would be if you need ressources form all over the world ( trading). I hope its like that and not some stuipid grind

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    Niburu , as you put it *some stupid grind* yes it is, and a very long grind, longest ingame. But he payout is worth it!. If ya wanna get in the times, ya gotta bust ur ass! :-P

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    i can only prey for a auto-craft/auto-gathering features soon.

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    After using the carts on live, I have a few things.

    1)You can store full carts into your packs
    2)You can put a cart into your pack
    3)You can move full baskets into your packs from carts
    4)Carts are too fast in my opinion outside of roads, on roads they are fine.
    5)Can we have the option to right click the baskets in a cart and it opens? Like a bin on your back? While attached to the cart?
    6)Weight limits of a cart seem to be very high, I think higher tier carts (craftsmen, adept etc) should lower this effect, while basic ones should have lower space and weight limits/effects
    7)Not working on ramps very well.
    8)Can we have tribe leaders (ones with access to all containers) able to use/move carts while they are on tribal lands? Right now someone can quit playing the game and no way for the leaders to move their carts. Plus people can grief you by placing a cart in your doorways and nothing you can do about it.

    All in all I love carts.

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    Some abuse problems (DDT lists them) may have been overlooked but overall I think the challenge and difficulty of obtaining carts is set just right.

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    Cant put dirt into a basket in a cart.

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    Odd...a lot of those things I tested on the test server and weren't issues then. Something must have changed in recent builds.

    Like moving the full baskets, I would get the standard overweight warning and wasn't able to move. The other was opening bins and such..worked fine on test (a week or so back).

    *edit* Ah, while attached, I don't recall if I even tried that... I think there is an entire class of actions that is blocked while attached to a cart and it would require some sorting them into different groups.

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