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Thread: evening all

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    evening all


    i just bought xsyon really looking foward to starting and watching this game grow it really intrigues me

    which server to most peeps play on as company to chat to get expertise from is always a help

    see you ingame


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    Welcome to Xsyon.

    There is only 1 server. The 2 severs you see are for patching/download only.

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    Welcome to Xsyon Rejaan

    If you need any help or you are looking for a fun friendly helpfull tribe look for Industrial Strenght ingame ,

    Have fun and see yah ingame .


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    Welcome to Xsyon bud, If ya need help or a tribe ask in global with /y or /w fatboy to whisper me :-)

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    Welcome! if you need something tell me in game!

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    Welcome Reejan! Looking forward to seeing you in game. If you are having technical issues or any game related problems look for a Guide in either the help ( /h ) channel or global chat.

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