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    Xsyon - Carts, do you want to see them?

    Hello everyone,

    Before you go any further... below is a video I created that shows of the different types of Carts added to the game, and each level of cart (Normal, Craftsman, Adept, Master).

    If your not interested in knowing what these look like, or want to have a nice surprise when you finally get to make them, then please do not click the following link...

    I know some of you have been on the test server and have taken a look anyhow, as they have been there for everyone to see and test.

    Hope you enjoy

    Xsyon - Carts video

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    Thanks for the all of your videos man. Your recent uploads helped me decide to resub!

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    That is pretty helpful...can't wait to see them actually moving.

    Btw in theory i could put 20 baskets full of items in the master cart and move around......thats more than i have on my tribal area ^^

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