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    Investments and Expansion?

    Why Notorius Games not into Team expansion and investments?

    That would speed up the development dramatically and will allow to attract more players.
    I'm following this game for a few months now, nothing has changed really. People are asking the same questions on the forums that I did.

    This project is the leader in sandbox MMO and can kick *ss to other indie sandbox games out there, but with only 2 developers, I don't see it happens soon.

    So, why? Anyone have asked this question previously?
    I don't believe such a great project is not innovative and interesting to game publishing companies.

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    Maybe because stuff like that costs money ?

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    Making such game costs even more money.
    That's why I've mentioned taking investments, not only expanding the team.

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    they have more than 2 devs, I'm not sure where you get your info.

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    I think it was some forum discussing Xsyon as a whole.

    In any case, I just started this thread to discuss this problem, as there for sure a problem, but not in any form to insult someone or devs themselves.

    More of that, I'm buying this game on a weekend, whether it's good or not, I feel that I have to donate to sandbox MMO future. Or If I like it, i'll play it for sure. :>

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    This game deserved the money more than Mortal Online or Darkfall. So you won't regret it. Even if you won't like it now you will def. follow the regular updates Xsyon is giving.
    If you play alone i highly recomment to read this little post i made here:

    Atleast choose basketry as start crafting skill, it is very important for you progression if you play alone. Best thing would be to join a tribe ofc ^^

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    Yeah thanks, I've already saw this topic.
    I'm not really into doing things alone, so I might of course join a tribe or someone. Can I join you?

    Added after 10 minutes:

    Well... just bought the game. Couldn't wait 'till weekend. :>

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    i highly recomment this tribe

    Active leadership, great city, you can choose them as starting location so you start the game right infront of there tribe area. Also lots of help with needed crafting tools so you could basicly start with whatever you want to craft

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