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    Questions of Week 01/23 through 01/29

    Please post your Questions to the Developers below...


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    I know that both bows, and thrown weapons are planned. Is there any possibility of having slings in game. I would think slings would be easy to implement, with a similiar mechanic to power swings. You hold down the button and your character starts swinging the sling around, when you realease you release your shot.

    I just think with the simplicity of making slings, and the simplicity of the ammunition, that slings would be an obvious missile weapon for surviviors to create. And although I wouldnt try taking a bear on with one, they would be perfectly usable against smaller game, and in pvp.

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    is there anything planned like rails for fast travel / carrying loads between tribes?

    What about the future plans? Any great ideas you or Jordi or whoever can talk, even if its just an idea and not scheduled or even not sure if it works with the engine?

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    I noticed the graphics settings need a good fix me up, where some u cant even notice their effects and others may cause a crash or lag ya. dont get me wrong, i love the look. But when can we see this fixed up? , Also, Whats next after totem decay, when is bridges and porchs coming? and 1 finaly question, did ya sleep yet?

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    Help settle a bar bet (well, it would be a bar bet if you'd put in brewing). Are mutants normal animals that wander into the mist and mutate, or do they spawn as mutants?

    Will we get an activity that will raise charm any time soon?

    What's the reasoning for not allowing items to be dropped into water?


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    1. ) Because we get no feedback from bugs section, I'll post it here and ask if it's intended to be changed, or will be left as is.

    Currently, when tribe leader unchecks his box for dismantle projects in privleges, and apply's it, it doesnt take....he still gets dismantle button every time he clicks on structure in tribe area.
    This is quite dangerous with all the clicking going on, as well as annoying...can't look around a tribe area without getting the dissmantle option constantly.

    2. ) I know gate/doors were not intended to be above the ground. But, some of have built structures several levels high. But...when using a gate as a door, there is a considerable gap, even with the thinest gate, which is difficult to pass over without falling thru to the ground, especailly if encumbered. Will we get doors that prevent this, or is it possible to put a lower sill on gates that would also prevent this ?


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