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    The Grand Cart Race! 2012-01-29

    Hello Survivors!

    I would like to announce our next Event for this coming Sunday 2012-01-29 at 12pm PST.
    Located at the Founders Island.

    The Grand Cart Race.

    We couldn't let such a great content update go by without some sort of celebration.
    Nothing says celebration here in Xsyon, like a good old Event focused around Carts!

    This Event will be a Fun, Non PvP Event.

    Survivors will compete head to head in our specially built Cart Course, and aim to be the first one to cross the finish line.

    There will be different stages of the race, that will require the full use of a Cart!
    Further details on the stages will be explained in detail on the day.

    We want to encourage everyone to bring their own Carts, however if you do not own one, we can provide a loan Cart. You will not be able to keep this Cart (Sorry).

    You will be summoned to the Course and teleported back after, cart and all.

    Everyone at Notorious Games would love to see you all there!

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    Sounds like fun!

    Cart races sound like a blast however I work Sundays so I can't make it If you guys host an evening event some time I promise to attend

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    time to get the racing stripes on the craftsman cart! XD

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    Some screenies from the Cart course

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    The Cart Race Screenshots

    Thank you everyone to take part on the event

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    Awesome Screenshots. It was a great event hope you guys do it again.

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    Hello Survivors!

    Wow what a fun Event that was.
    We really enjoyed watching you all pull your carts around the course.

    Thank you to everyone who turned up to the event, and participated.
    Also Thank you to GuideMihr for uploading the screenshots.

    We gave a prize to the winner of each group and also a prize to the 2nd place of each group.
    Each winner and 2nd place could pick there own prize and the rewards given, were mainly schemes for Carts and Tools.

    Well done to everyone that took part, and especially to those who won a prize.

    We will keep the course around for future Events.

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    I had a great time, I think spirits were high and it was a lot of fun.

    I would ask that next time we make the coarse without underground stuff so carts are less likely to get stuck =P

    Maybe a maze for the carts, and have some rats/bears in there =P

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