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Thread: Some questions.

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    Some questions.

    Hello all, I just have a couple of questions. I'm looking at joining within the next couple of months.
    I've read that pvp isn't really something that's been put in, and if is hasn't been put in are they going to at some point?
    Also I've read that the animals spawns are few and far between is that true or just bs?
    Anyway from what I've seen of this game it looks really awesome and I know it's just going to keep getting better. My only concerns is the combat and pvp I know thats not the only thing that makes a game just think that it would be a nice added feature.
    Thanks guys!

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    There are a number of issues that come to mind with PVP in Xsyon. Firstly, there is not really any reason to hunt for other players seing as though the economy is rather non existent, stuff just lack value, this is going to change eventually.

    Secondly all tribes have a "safe zone" around their totem, which is mostly fair, if there was any reason to actually leave your zone, which there is'nt. It is planned that tribes that want FFA PVP and territoreal warfare will be able to turn off their safe zone for some kind of bonus, people who dont want to PVP will still be able to hide inside their safe.

    Thirdly, its a matter of population, it is almost impossible to go out into the world and meet someone to attack at random, so roaming is rather useless. There is no tracking skill either so even if there was people out there, its still very difficult to find them. As the game improves Im sure there will be people joining us. There are new people every day, but the problem seems to be player retention on the count of there being so little to do.

    Fourthly, (this is getting embarrasing) combat is actually not bad, but in order to level up your stats and get to a point where you can be competitive you need XP and how do you get XP? Crafting and grinding skills, which is YUCK for people that just want to Axe other people in the face. This will change eventually.

    On the lighter side of things, the guides (thats the gamemasters of Xsyon) are really good at scheduling community events and quite often its PVP. Its still a bit silly that the people who does best are the hardcore crafters, then again if you were a PVPer you probably quit the game a long time ago.

    What you heard about animals and mutants is mostly BS. While the population was recently increased quite a bit and the AI made stronger, even before that recent patch I never had problems finding stuff to kill. The point with the AI is that they seek away from populated areas, so in order to hunt you need to get out there. If you stay around your tribelands and other tribes, its more unlikely that you will find anything.

    You have to be very patient with this game and you have to be good at finding stuff to do, otherwise you will be fighting your own boredom more than thirst and hunger.

    Just my two cents, I hope it made sense.

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    Wow Banden, thanks for posting my thoughts for me =P

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    Thanks for the reply!
    Banden you did make sense lol,
    I have one more question. So at this game's current state would you call it a bigger and a little more in depth version of "Minecraft"?
    Please dont kill me if thats a bad comparison lol\
    thanks again

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    Actually i think the funfactor in minecraft is bigger. As far as i know if you play on the right server the whole building part of minecraft has a meaning.

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