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    Blackwind is looking for a tribe

    Looking for a group of good and mature players. Im 31 myself, soldier in the canadian military. In game name is blackwind and my starting area is Tallac, down south. Not sure what my play style will be yet in this game, we'll have to see.

    Ciao for now.

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    You can join our tribe, we help new players. We are also the most active tribe in game.

    Click the sig below for more info.

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    You can also try my tribe The Preatorian Guards, we are also the most active and have been the longest active tribe in xsyon. Been here since launch :-). /w fatboy ingame or /w Reginald. We help new folks whether your a solo player or like to be a part of something bigger. also bud /y for global chat /h for the help channel and /s for local chat then ya got /t for tribe chat, Also check out saintbobs youtube tutorials here on the fourms, they are very helpful, Welcome to xsyon!.

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    Thanks for replies, MrDDT got to me first and i joined up. Thanks though fatboy. Also i agree st bobs youtube videos are good, its what got me to get this game.

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