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    thinking about resubbing

    hi guys
    I wanted to ask few things especially to EU players are there still high pings in the game for eu players ? hws the population of the game , and is it possible to play this game alone without a tribe ?i work in 3 shifts so every weak i play at difrent times which makes it impossible to me to play in raids etz

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    There are a good bit of EU by %. Number of players is still very low for an MMO but its picking up quickly. My tribe has about 10 active EU players in it.

    Can you play alone yes, can you play without a tribe? Not really. You can but you would be missing out on 90% of the game. You can be in a 1 man tribe.

    There are no "Raids" in this game. This game isnt even remotely like those games with raids. If you are looking for PVE, or PVP you might want to wait for a few months. Right now we are in "Prelude" the build up phase of the game. Mostly building and skilling up with crafting.

    If you are looking for an active tribe, my tribe is the most active tribe in the game made to help new players into the world of Xsyon which can be harsh at the start. Click on my sig to find out more.

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    As mr DDT states the meat and potato of this game are in the tribes

    i have decided to "go alone" but i have to chat to the population and trade for anything i cant or cant yet make the game is really social and the ppl are very helpful

    i am eu player and have met another few already
    Btw IS tribe is very impressive and they will take care of you

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