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    New player looking for a Tribe

    I'm new, though I've read some guides and got the basics down. I live in the eastern US, but I'm okay with any timezones. So far the game has been a little peice of haven. I just got into the skill-based games and this has made me want to stay. I basicly have no requirements so, my characters name is Iscarti, send me a wisper or something. Thanks!

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    Welcome to Xsyon.

    Click on my sig below for our tribe info.

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    If you haven't alrady done so, please consider joining the Anasazi Tribe; please review the embedded map for our location:


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    Cliffrock Outpost, our tribe, is small but quickly growing. If you'd like to join, you'd be welcome.

    Send me a /w ingame, or message me on here if so. IG name is Naal.

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    thats the best oog map i've seen, where did you find it?

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    It's the map your minimap is using

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