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    Questions of Week 01/30 through 02/05

    Please post your Questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.

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    I know you can give us a date, but when do you plan on seeing ranged combat?
    What are your plans for dodging?
    Do you see advanced skills that use more than 1 craft (like wainwright) being put into the game?
    Do you see advanced sub skills being put into the game (IE. bladecrafting sub skill to weaponcrafting)
    Whats the status on bonuses for items? Like AGI working, or Damage.

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    How do you think about Autocraft and Autogathering abilities ? To reduce the amount of clicks and giving macro users less of an advantage the GUI could support auto harvesting 4 grass for example or the ability to craft 100 exemplars of one itme depending on ressources in your backpack and space left.

    The ability to remove safezones is planned for the near future. What will the bonuses look like if i remove the safezone ?

    Do you still have one guy dedicated to work on the combatsystem only ?

    ETA on 2 hand weapons and shields ?

    I noticed some players had problems with activating there accounts and it had to be done manually by Guides. Are you aware of that problem ?

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    Does the development team have any plans at all to install an item system to where you can drop any item (ie: shows up on the ground where you drop it)?

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    Any idea on when spears, shields and ranged weapons may go into the game?

    After all you were on another game that had those things.

    And why didnt you go with the combat damage system out of Roma Victor?


    Mounts or draft animals, will they be in sometime this year seeing as we have carts?

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    Some animals are growing quite IS' deer....would it be possible to increase amount of resources from them as they get older, bigger, and tougher?


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    I did win my previous bet on mutant spawning. Now we need you to settle another bet. Based on your earlier statement, we will need to scavenge away from our save zones to find rare items. This is what the guides recommend and what I have experienced, but MrDDT says he finds rare items within 10 m of his safe zone. Is this the way it is intended to work? Can having over 100 perception or an exceptionally large tribe effect the results?

    The February 1 patch notes mention:
    Animal AI improvements for pack behavior and creature aggression.
    I've seen herds of deer and a pack of coyotes, but more often I've seen groups like a deer, rat and kitten together. That's the sort of group that should walk into a bar at the beginning of a joke. Is this working as intended?

    Currently, in PvE the only armor pieces that take damage are shirts and pants. Will this change?

    Critters pass right through low platforms. Should they, and if not will this be fixed?


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    Hey guys just want to say first you have made a awesome game iv been looking for this type of open world for years. Decided to buy the game even if it wasn't finished to just support you. I'm sorry if this has been asked but do you plan on having any boats in the game?

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    I heard, that some mining is planned. Is there any eta yet? It would be awesome if players were able to dig tunnels through the mountains to connect tribes using them.

    Together with that question:
    If there's really some mining coming someday, are there any plans to increase the crafting by, lets say, smelting different ores and alloys, make your own nails and such?

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    A while back you made a pass at stackable items, increasing stack sizes for a lot of stuff, but some items (newer leather and fur types among them) were left out. Could we get another stackables pass, and could this include making schemes, patterns, and blueprints stackable (I know this was already on your to-do list)?

    Also, any plans for multi-threading the launcher? It takes so long with analyzing files that restarting is a real pain (only adds to the loading pain once you try to get into the game). As the analyzer finds files it needs to update it can pass them to the DL thread and begin DLing immediately, instead of waiting until it is finished checking all the files.

    Is there any way to add a client/server version check on the launcher for the Test server? We can see if its up or not, but not whether the test client we have is useable on the current build of Test. Having to go through the long analyzing (see above suggestion) and second login only to find out you can't get on because the client is incompatible is really annoying.

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