Greetings Survivors!

I would like to announce that the Guide Team will conduct an Event that the whole world can take part in... The Great North Race.

The Idea is to meet at the starting zone, then be the first to get to the target zone.

Starting Zone: 657
Posistion: You will be summoned.

Finishing Zone: 1061
Posistion: Find the Guide.

Event Time: 12pm PST
Event Date: 2012-02-05

-Players are forbidden from using the lake. You must use the land to get to the target Zone.
- You may travel in groups, teams or partners but there can only 1 winner!
- No death porting to get your body closer to the Finishing Zone. (we know how long it should take for a player to travel the length of the world +/- a few minutes).

Bring your best running shoes with you, the player who wins will win a nice prize along with any 1 item they desire. (No pre-order weapons, or any other item that is currently not in-game).