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    So I ran into a zoo recently...

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    I had not been in game for nearly 6 months until yesterday when I decided to re activate. One of the reasons I walked away was from the lack of animals (hunting opportunities). Not but maybe 10 min into the game, after 6 months of hibernation, the same thing happened to me. A huge deer attacked me inside my tribe, I fought back but with very little results, and so I headed to the river. Once there a swarm of nature's siblings engulfed me. It was the craziest thing. Needless to say I am one happy bonecrafter.

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    Haha Scamp, now try fighting them out of the water =P You should have called some of your tribe mates over. Im sure Baby would have helped you skin them

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    i really like the new animal madness. i hope it stays like that

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