We's got's the biggest Hammer on our side, see's, so's we got's to be extra careful like see's? Wot's we do wit da Hammer's we got? WE SLAM'S DEM! So join up wit us iffn ya think's ya can handles da biggest and slammiest's Hammer's around! We be allied wit dem git's from da east's mist, Azurfale's lot, so iffn you got's problems wit dem you take it up wit us! Send a Message to Gil for's more info'mation like stuff's.
So's you's wonderin how we gots da big Hammer in da sky on our side eh? Well it took a lot o' Bashin' an' smashin' of gits, fo' the big Hammer came to our leada' an said "You git's be da smashiest, da bashiest, an' da SLAMMIEST, git's around! So's i give's ya my Blessin's and wot not! 'Member! YOU'S DA HAMMER'S SLAMMER'S NOW!" and wit dat we became wot's we are today, da toughest, da Meanest, da slammiest gits around! So join up wit us, and maybe you, can be as slammiest as da big Hammer one day!