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Thread: Little Italy

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    We are a group of italians that enjoy the game, here is some infos:

    Coord: 400,20,500
    Members: 13, all active
    Focusing on PVE, we also play PVP.
    Neutral alignment.

    How to talk with us?

    Mumble (pm me)

    In game: Areston - Riful, or search for us in global chat!


    We are on Massively! Look the picture, is our village

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    We are transfered in a new zone! (i've changed it in the description). Atm we are 20 members! All active!

    And one update for all players...We are working for you ALL Something special incoming.

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    Hi all, I'm the new leader of Little Italy, the italian community tribe.

    I'm writing to announce that our city is now a starter city!

    We're working hard on creating a good village and first results are already in.

    Contact us in game: Khalar, Boris_G, Kupio, Vessor, Svane and many other!

    ------------------------------------------------ ITALIAN TRANSLATION ------------------------------------------------------
    Ciao a tutti, sono il nuovo leader della tribł Little Italy, la tribł della comunitą italiana.

    Scrivo per annunciare che la nostra cittą č ora una cittą iniziale, quindi selezionabile tra l'elenco delle cittą inziali al momento della creazione del personaggio.

    Stiamo lavorando duramente per creare un buon villaggio ed i primi risultati si vedono gią.

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