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    Shadow Bear in the Green fog

    I found this guy, or rather he found me just inside the green fog. I guess he didn't like me picking through his garbage. I can't wait to see what's in there once the fog goes away.
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    I'm checking old player screenshots and what a surprise!!

    I missed this screenshot dam it, this is impressive

    I hope he is already killed he he

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    LOL I'm afraid he got the better of that fight so he could still be wondering around out there in the mist. In fact you can see from the picture he pretty much took my head off in one shot

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    Could be impressive however, we cant view it as its not been approved.

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    Could you approve this please so we can all see it? Thanks!

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    Theres no reason to dwell on the past of long lost things we loved........there dead we just need to start excepting that and let the inner healing start.

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    Sorry, as I was seeing it I thought it was aproved.

    Is it ok now?

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    Yep can see it now. Cool picture. Man was that a long time ago.

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