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    Parry - What does the stat do?

    I am a M&B fan, and part of what made Xsyon interesting was the idea of a similar combat system. I am having trouble finding specific details on the combat system as it has been executed in Xsyon.

    In the actual M&B combat system, you either parry or you don't. Having a numerical stat doesn't mean anything. I read that in Xsyon you will take partial damage if you attempt to parry but miss the correct direction.

    Does the parry stat increase the damage mitigation for a failed parry attempt? Is there a reason to put points into it?

    I also read that dodge is disabled currently. Is there any reason to put points into anything but armed combat and your specific weapon of choice?

    Any information or links to information would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Currently parry skill does nothing.

    Parry action can block up to 100% of the damage.

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    It is my understanding that increasing parry skill increases the mitigation of partial parrys. If you parry the right direction (IE, down parry when they do a stab attack, up parry when they do overhand attack), regardless of skill level you will mitigate 100% of the damage

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    Thank you for the explanations.

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