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    Had Some Questions Before Commiting

    Hello All,

    I've been eyeballing this game for quite some time. I played UO a looooong time ago and I currently play Darkfall. One of the things I wished was for Darkfall to have a system where you could basically build anywhere you want. So I stumbled on this game on an episode of a podcast I listen to and found myself interested with the ability of being able to build the area around you and your clan and then run the risk of getting ganked while adventuring. However, I do enjoy pve style gameplay as well. I keep reading that animals are hard to find. How do you make arms and armor without many animals being around?

    Also, since I consider myself new, where would I look for a new players guide? I haven't really had a chance to talk to anyone who has played the game so I was curious what the community is like. Thank you for your time.

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    The PvE is very basic. You find some animals or most time they find you and you kill them. You can scavange or collect everything you need for armors.

    Basicly you build stuff and this part is pretty well done but the meaning behind all this stuff is missing abit because of safezones and missing PVP. However that changes

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