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    Questions of week 02/06 through 02/12

    Please post your Questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you.

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    A player's stats (and how one allocates starting points) have quite a big impact on how the game plays out. I only recently learned that you will need a very high stat in a specific attribute if you want to create supreme items of the related craft. I'm also having quite a bit of trouble when doing things with my tribe, only because I did not take 90 Strength, 90 Fortitude and 90 Agility.

    Have you thought about the impact stats currently have on gameplay and are you considering creating a mechanic that lets players relocate stat points (i.e. scavenge or craft a hard-to-get item which enables the player to relocate x stat points, or even grant relocation points on 'level up')?

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    What are your plans for building a better economy?

    What are your plans for a healing system?

    What are your plans for energy regen system changes if any?

    Is there any plans to have lands revert back to terraformed normal state after a time?

    What are your plans with how farming is going to be done? IE. Watering? Tending? Using soils or dirt types? Regional type of planting crops? etc.

    You said in the next combat update that archery/thrown weapons would come into play. Can we get a little info on how this is going to be planned? Like will there be crosshairs for it? Will first person mode be active? Will the arrows have weight (like arc them in the air to hit longer ranges)? What types of systems will be in place with this?

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    Will totem decay affect active (subscribed) players' totems ? So if solo player doesn't (can't) play for a while, but he does pay his subscription, will his totem decay ?

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    Features list questions

    I was going back over the feature list to see what you have changed and saw that "Accumulating snow" is still on the list. I thought I remembered reading that this was out. Or is this still something you want to try to have in-game at some point in the future?

    I also saw this "* This system is currently being adjusted." /// "** Characters will age at the rate of 9 years per real year, commencing January 1 2012.". This was new to me, Not the part that we will age, But the part that we started aging at the start of (this)year 2012. Are we aging now? or is this been pushed back?

    And a follow up on MrDDT question: "What are your plans for building a better economy?".
    If you don't plan on doing anything for the economy. Will you think about getting rid of dollars coins and bottle caps?

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