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Thread: GCI Recruiting

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    GCI Recruiting

    Hello, welcome to Xsyon. Looking for a tribe? We are currently at 19 member all active and all mostly noobs (2 weeks old as of this post).

    We have a lot of work going on in our tribal area and need people in all crafts. We do hunting parties, and pvp as well (when neighbours are willing). We have Ventrillo, live near the mist and generally have a good time. We are about 75% NA and 25% EU players and will take people from all time zones.

    If this sounds like it could be for you send Azurfale, Bohab or Gil a /w and we can come to meet you or give you co-ordinates if you prefer to make the trek on your own.

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    Just curious: What does GCI stand for?

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    Guild of Calamitous Intent

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    Thanks, Azurfale.

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    Love the name, I'll have to start The Order of the Triad :P

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    You should, there is already a Venture Compound.

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