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    Crafting Bugs Here

    Post assorted Crafting bugs here:

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    Re: Crafting Bugs Here

    If you craft when the connection to the server is being closed, you get your inventory corrupted. Materials being used will turn into boxes with no icons, but can still light up on mouse over. Cant seem to use it or discard it.

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    Re:Crafting Bugs Here

    Dont know if this is a bug. But if you select leather crafting as a craft, you are unable to actually craft anything as each item needs a needle to make, but there are no needles given with the starter tools. So I rerolled as a tailor, that was much better.

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    Re:Crafting Bugs Here

    Basketry. I cant seem to make some of the items , Even if i have the items for the item i wish to make.

    Can't make light/heavy Grass plate. Or the drogwa? Gatherer set

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    Re:Crafting Bugs Here

    Ross, those recipes are missing the first icon, right? One of the guys made adjustments to recipes with this build and I think a few got messed up. I'm going to check on this today.

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    Re:Crafting Bugs Here

    Only some Recipes Jordi. Most of them look ok, But i can make the basic items like grass thread , Twine thread , But from Light grass plate and onwards , I can't seem to make anything even though i have the required materials.

    hope this helps some what

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    Re:Crafting Bugs Here

    I've been able to craft this.I had a patching problems twice but not message at all,after this I could open the game.

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    Re:Crafting Bugs Here

    ahhh quick update , Its working , I need to drag the Sheers and needle into the Materials section.

    So now i have made a few thingS!

    Sorry for the confusion

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    Re:Crafting Bugs Here

    I have made a tailor toon and found out a few recipes that do not require materials or tools to craft. server is down now but I remember that there were 2 recipes of some fabric... Wool and something else. So basically I leveled tailoring till 50 in like 10 minutes not even moving from spawn spot after this toon creating. Just by clicking craft button on that recipe and destroying crafted fabric.
    And also I have found a few recipes in basketry that have an empty material slot. But those recipes still can be crafted with all the rest materials.

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