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    Been looking at my account screen for hours...

    I've been looking at my account screen for hours, try to decide if I should give the game a go again? I never really played much in the past; I'm a casual player, but I just can't seem to click the pay button. I want to return, just a bit worried....

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    There are many good tribes out there that would be more than happy to let you join and get your feet wet while learning the game. Check out the "Tribe Advertisement" part of the forums to see if any fit, Or just log on and start chatting. It may be called a PvP game but most are nice and willing to help the new guys.

    And Welcome to the game.

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    Depending on what you like to do, I would say resub or not.

    As a casual player if you are looking for PVP, or PVE. I would wait a bit. If you are looking at building up the world and just messing around with crafting. Xsyon is a good game for that.

    Xsyon is worth the money IF you like playing it. Ive been playing this whole time and I would pay more for it if they asked. Its that good to me.

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    I like crafting mostly.

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    I think if you like crafting you should give the game another go... And like said previously the game has alot of good tribes with unique ideas... You have Industrial Strength Boot Camp Ran by DDT... Very well organized and strong... Then you have the Anasazi who are all very mature and laid-back from what i have seen. Azurfale has a pretty cool and active community as well near the mutant fog and is constructing some interesting architecture projects. And... If you would like a homestead youll find that trade in the game is pretty decent now and you could always find the stuff you need for a price =P If you do come back to the game, Welcome back and enjoy. If you need anything you can message /w jnana in the game or any of the guys ^ -C ya

    P>S> go watch saintbob on youtube the "Saintbob Let's Play" series is great to see what the game is like nowadays. =P

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