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    Considering resubbing....

    After taking nearly a years hiatus from Xsyon, there are a group of us considering resubbing, however we're looking for some information regarding changes before we make a definitive decision...

    1. Does the quality of weapons/armor actually make a substantial or noticeable difference? Before there was not much difference between wearing grass vs bone armor other than the speed at which players could run/move, has this been changed?

    2. How is the new combat system, is it a step in the right direction? Is it fixed? I've seen people talk about how you dont need to mash the mouse keys in order to get results, how has this been changed?

    3. How is lag affecting combat at this time?

    4. Population - is there more of a population than previously? If i'm out running around hunting, what are the chances of actually running into another player? Or is it still a deserted wasteland?

    5. I've seen posts regarded updated animal breeding... does this mean fences are actually working as intended, or are they still cosmetic pieces of crap that couldnt hold a legless chicken?

    6. Animals in the wild... do they exist now? Or is there still a sparse population of critters to be seen? If i should find an animal in the wild, do they now act as animals, rather than pieces from a circa 1960's electric football table?

    7. If i'm not a retard and outfit myself in good quality armor/weapons, do i stand a chance of taking down these so called mutant/legendary creatures or are they unique encounters?
    7A. Do they drop unique items, or just the same crap i'd get from a subpar baby creature?

    8. Has the mists been receded allowing a larger area for players to populate yet? As this was promised/discussed a year ago.

    9. Carts, having finally been implemented, how functional are they? How many large logs can i pile on one, and how does it impeded movement while doing so?

    10. How ecstatic are you that they FINALLY implemented the feature that your crafting box did not reset every time you learned a new recipe? Wasnt crafting SOOO much fun before?

    11. How does the game compare in its current state to the hype transposed prior to release of it being the next Shadowbane/Darkfall?

    12. Is MRDDT still the biggest fanboi around?

    Composed of a list of questions from previous players looking to resub. Please spare me the glorification of how magnificent things are, i'm looking for honest answers.

    Thanks for your time!

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    I was going to answer your questions, but it would be disregarded because I'm just a fanboi right? =P
    I didnt know people thought i was one, before people were saying I was a hater.

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    1. Yes, and it depends on armor quality too, not only type. Not sure about "noticable" but there's an improvement if you wear bones instead of grass.

    2. Atm the melee combat system is good. Somewhat like Mount & Blade: you con give a direction and "load" the hit choosing to deal more or less damage. Parry is working too the same way. No ranged combat and no spells/skills.

    3. There is no lag, just some random 1-2 sec spikes.

    4. Population is growing, as I've just returned many have done. Global chat is always busy and yes, you can find someone running around in the map. However is still low for some easy pvp action. If y want to trade you usually have to move and there are many deserted tribes around. Totem decay will be a good improve to population I think, and it's going to be release soon.

    5. Animal breeding? What's that? Maybe you mean animal trapping...

    6. There are animals, they grow, roam the map and kill players. AI is far better now and pack mechanics seems to work. You can go around for a hunt session now.

    7. Mutants are hard to kill, I never managed to kill an average mutant, maybe once i killed a devil-critter. Don't know if they're soloable, I just run from em so I don't know what they drop.

    8. Mist is still there where it was at release. There's plenty of space around so no needs to improve the size of starting area.

    9. Can't answer, I don't own carts.

    10. Xsyon and Darkfall are two different games: no need to compare 'em. Let's say that Darkfall received less attentions from devs, that's sure!

    11. Lol, no idea. MrDTT is my neighbour and it's a precious source of infos :P

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