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Thread: Crashing

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    Just want to report that the game is freezing for me after approximately 20 mins of play. I am not doing anything specific when it happens, sometimes crafting, sometimes gathering. I have to shut it down and restart it again. I am running windows 7 :P

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    Just timed it, exactly 20 mins

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    What happens when you crash? Does the game freeze completely? Or do you just lose connection and are unable to do anything? Are you timed out? Do you get a crash error message? Are you in windowed or fullscreen mode? Can you reproduce this in both?

    Please email me with as much information possible to

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    OK it freezes completely and i cant do anything. It doesnt lose connection or time out. I dont get a crash error message. Windows just says that the game is not responding. I play in windowed mode and i havent yet played in full screen. I will try that in a bit (after supper :laugh: )

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    And I just realised that I should have emailed that in. DOH!

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    Sabina, could you do a test run for me, just run the game for 20 minutes without doing anything and see if the game freezes up?

    I'm monitoring the server so hopefully I can see what's going wrong.

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    SOrry was AFK will do it now

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    sounds like a video memory leak. eventually it dumps everything out of ram and you lock up. Happened in AoC for me because I had just built a new rig for the game and AoC developers didnt realize the 8800GTX addressed the ram differently. I had to run a command every 15 mins in beta to dump and refresh the vram or Id lock up.

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    OK well I am going to give this new patch a go and see if I am stil crashing after 20 minutes

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    OK its been over 20 minutes and I am going good so far. Just a couple of questions now.
    How long is the day/night cycle?
    Will we have an option in game to see what time of day/night it is?
    Oh and I just scavenged a golf club, are there any golf courses nearby? :silly:

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