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    Questions of week 02/13through 02/19

    Please post your questions to the Developers below...

    Thank you

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    Will there be harsher consiquences for death in the future?

    Why is draft animals or attaching animals to carts doubtful? Is it a code issue, or a programming issue?
    (It is done in a simple Java game in the same market as this, and it doesnt have to look good as they have shown.)

    Will there be the ability to reroute water later, like canals, damns, and possibly aquaducts?

    Will shields have a "hitbox" or will they just be a defense bonus?
    (in my experience hitboxes work better for the shield and give the shield a HP limit, this will mean that it can be destroyed through use.)

    Will 2handed weapons, spears, poleaxes, and everything else, have a different "reach", over shorter weapons? Or will they just be big slow hard hitting weapons that are the same as the one handed counterparts?

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    Is there any chance we could be allowed to mix the kind of trees/branches etc used in walls/barricades. It makes no sense they they have to be the same unless the attributes of the wood did something to make them harder to get through or the look.

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    Will you restrict totem to be placed on or near the roads and scrap piles? In my opinion roads should be clear of structures, and who would live on top of junk piles?
    Will you allow solo players to have a bit larger territory?
    Will you add more hit boxes, like head, lag, arm, foot and also, different damage for different body part, like head should be most sensitive and take more damage.
    Can you add timer to containers outside of tribes? maybe one week or so.
    Will you have PVE server in the near future? I don't mind to start over with a new character.

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    hello, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions,

    1. Have you considered, and is it feasible, to add to the development team to increase the rate of development of this title? (love the game, just would like to see it evolve faster (grin).
    2. Is it possible to add an auto sorting feature to storage? and is this something you would consider, to ease the amount of clicking in storage? And, is it possible to make it so we can "dump" the contents from one container to another, instead of clicking and dragging stack by stack? (Btw tested building storage a bit on test server, like what i saw so far).
    3. would you consider removing the depth limit on carts for crossing water until we get working bridges and boats in game? (suspended immersion I know, but would be functional until then)

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    hello, i'm a new player and i really like this game.
    I have some question...
    I have seen around a lot of baskets (hundreds) outside tribes area and in the middle of nowhere that can't be open and probabily their owners don't play anymore. So what you think about introducing a some kind of "lookpicking" in order to open and remove them? obviously it works only on baskets outside tribes area.
    What you think about to increase a bit animals population? they seems nowadays too low. Hard to find someone (not impossible)
    I have increase my skill in scavenging from 25 to 70... and i found only 20 feathers. I think they should be more 'common to find. it is absurd that my skill in weaponcraft is stuck for a lack of ornamental feathers, which are not even essential for making weapons in hindsight. therefore i hope that the feathers become slightly more 'easy to find, is currently very difficult.
    Sorry for my english if you don't understand what i mean

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    1.) Are you planning to release features that are similar to each other together, at the same time? For example bows, polearms and other combat skills? If they are released separately i can see everyone switching skills each time ones comes out.

    2.) Are there planned features to help players create their own fun? I don't need to know what they are if they are secret, but i find the main reason people stop playing and disappear is because they burn through all the features and can't think of anything to do.

    3.) Will it be possible to brace polearms? As in plant it in the dirt and let the bear, or soldier on horseback [or whatever] charge into it?


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    Is there going to be any safe zones (by safe zone i mean tribal area) for the PvE/crafting/solo players in the future of this game or are you going to eliminate that all together in the end?

    I don't want to spend months building up my tribe and have it mowed down by a raiding party and have to rebuild. If you look at other games like Wurm Online the PvE side of it is much larger then the PvP and i think you will be doing your game a disservice if you do not leave at least Neutral tribes protected. Maybe have Good vs Evil to be in war with each other and can be raided just give them some kind of reward for that and leave the Neutral tribes safe but small and no rewards/bonuses?

    I don't care about outside of my tribe area kill me if you want/can but i don't want to lose all my hard work building and shaping my tribe.

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    1) Are campfires going to have a decay system or something? I've only been playing for a few days, but I notice so many campfires that it kinda ruins the immersion a bit. I extinguish or destroy the ones that I can, but there are so many others that won't allow. It would be cool if seeing a campfire was an actual sign of recent human life.

    2) This has probably been asked before, but I was wondering when Animal Taming would make it's appearance, will it be in the next few months?

    3) When skills such as animal taming are implemented, will one have to make a new character with spirit/charm, or will there be a way to restat them (not instantly, but without having to grind them from whatever they currently are)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadzia
    Jadzia Asks:
    Will totem decay affect active (subscribed) players' totems ? So if solo player doesn't (can't) play for a while, but he does pay his subscription, will his totem decay?

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon
    Totem decay will not affect active paid subscriptions for now.

    Last week you said this, does that mean there will be a time where paid accounts will not have decay, and unpaid subscriptions will have decay even though neither logged in? Because you say "for now" when nothing has decay right now.

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