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    The Gaming Noob tribe welcomes new players and, you may ask, why does it have such a funny name? Well I live stream here....

    and I make youtube videos here...

    Gaming Noob is the name I use on these accounts hence the name carries forward to my in game projects. If you join our tribe you must be happy with appearing in live streams or videos that I make.

    Apart from this we are a normal and very friendly tribe. Although I have been playing this game since pre-order this tribe is new and we have just recently started our tribal area. This means that if you get involved you will not just be a cog in a massive tribe network, you will be a founding member and you will get to help shape and effect the tribe and our tribal area.

    You will see this from this recent video when i first decided on this tribal area...

    We are based very close to the Sugar Pine spawn.. if you spawn a character there or go to that area it will be very easy to find us. If you send a whisper to me then I will give you full details of where we are. You can also whisper Warman, another founding member of the tribe.

    /w Wazcool
    /w Warman

    We are an active and exciting new tribe and we will be having many expeditions and exciting adventures (as well as all the usual grinding out our tribe area lol).

    If you have any questions please dont hesitate to whisper me.

    Wazcool and the "Gaming Noob" tribe.

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    welcome casey blake, our latest member.

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    welcome Garen, our latest player

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    we have moved... whisper us for more details

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